With our workshops you make progress!

We help you to free yourself from the daily business out of an inspiration. Simply approach things differently, be innovative in special places and work together on innovations and approaches in a result-oriented group. We playfully dissolve your old thought patterns within our workshops and thus promote the creativity of your team.

In The Team

We firmly believe that you have gathered a lot of potential in your company. Let's turn "affected people" into "participants" together.


Let's turn ourselves upside down and think of the challenge from a different perspective!


We don't have boring protocols. We record your ideas in pictures, photos and blogs. You will reap enthusiasm!

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Our workshops for you

Digitization is a top priority in many companies - which is not the same as top-down. Have you ever actively involved your employees in the change? And have you ever explored the limits of your business model? How quickly can you and your organization react to possible change? Our workshops guarantee your success!

Field of Activity: Business Model and Future

#1 Digitization Warm-up

The perfect introductory workshop on the subject of digitisation for entrepreneurs and managers.

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#2 Disrupt your own Business

The playful way to come up with a new idea or to adapt your own business model. For entrepreneurs and executives.

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Field of Action: Culture and Understanding

#3 From Generations and Generations

The ideal workshop for entrepreneurs, managers and employees who want to understand how intergenerational cooperation secures the future viability of your company.

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#5 Team Rules - The Common Code of Conduct

The basis of any cultural change. Together as an organization, agree on a code of conduct for a digital corporate culture.

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#6 Mindsetting-Dinner

Do you have an idea or an inspiration that you would like to discuss and improve with our experts in an informal atmosphere? The best way to get rid of the #daily business? Then this format is for you.

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This format brings a breath of fresh air into your company. Dry meetings with a rigid program and frontal sound reinforcement are a thing of the past. And that's a good thing.

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#7 Our Song - Experience Collaboration Musically

What do music and digitalization really have in common now. Is the production of a hit comparable to collaborative collaboration in a company? How do you celebrate success and how does it feel to hold a joint creation in your hands? The ideal workshop for management teams who want to do something new and executives who enjoy teamwork!

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Field of Activity: Processes and Automation

#4 MoSYS and the "Walk on Water"

IT does not have to be complicated. We show you in a playful way how things can be done differently. Interesting for entrepreneurs, executives and (even) IT managers!

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