You want to understand how digital and digitized companies communicate and work? How are digital business models created? Would you like the digital horizon to expand together in your management team? Then let your day-to-day business rest and escape from everyday life. Who doesn't want to play rocket scientist for a few days?


Come out on the street with us. In three days in Los Angeles, three days in Tel Aviv (in preparation) or one day in Germany's capital Berlin, we will ensure that you will have exciting impressions. We take you (and up to five executives) on a journey behind the scenes from young companies, co-working spaces and companies that have already taken a step into the future. Not your line of business, not your profession? Promote your understanding of digitization through targeted inspiration. Discuss what you have experienced with your management colleagues and adapt these ideas to your models! We are happy to guide you through these processes.

Creative together

Our inspirational journey is not a delegation trip. Take your management team with you and be creative together. From experiences, jointly developed ideas and a team spirit that should not be underestimated, a common understanding of digitization emerges. In this way you bring the necessary spirit of optimism into your company together.

More than just looking

Together we determine the dosage, because the mixture is decisive. From our network we select the right companies for your inspirational journey. We visit with you companies and organizations that give you an insight into their daily business, their business models, their approaches and if necessary also their failure. This is more than "just looking"!

No distraction

The inspiration process requires the full focus of all participants. No daily business disturbs our creativity. Use the scheduled time slots to take a look at your phones and laptops - but let us work on inspiration together with our partners. We will be happy to help you.

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