You want to get the most out of your employees and make the best use of their skills? Do you want all employees to always have the same level of information and be able to access all customer-related information at any time? You want to speed up internal communication?


We call it Connected Company! We help you to establish a new communication. This includes a social intranet for your company. We direct your communication to the essentials without losing the fun. The kitchen conversation is shifted to instant messaging, the e-mail is only used as an external communication medium. Our modules help you to change your corporate culture and make it more productive from planning to implementation.


We listen to you! You tell us about your company, the stumbling blocks and where you would like to go. We moderate and create first requirements.

The right concept

We develop a strategy that fits your company perfectly and incorporate all your wishes and requirements. Your corporate design, your information areas, your access rights.

Einführung Ihres Projekts

We accompany you and your project team during the introduction of Connected Company. If required, we will train you and your employees in the use and possibilities of the tool. We are also happy to help with technical questions.

Contact us

Your Contact Person

Tasche-kleinBenjamin Tasche

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Telephone Number: +49 (511) 80 90 88 88