Get out of the dead end. Clear the way for your idea!

Routines and structures mean security and comfort. But at the same time, it's also a comfort you can't afford in today's competitive environment. Because innovative business models live from agility, dynamism and a little punk. We bring your business idea into an environment in which everything is permitted. Inspired by smart methods, we develop the necessary tools together and test your idea in the digital market test. You'll know more after 4 weeks!

Get out of the closet and up into the street!

We show you modern ways to develop your idea efficiently into a functioning business model. Slim prototypes, short development cycles and direct customer feedback are the keys. What works in Silicon Valley works for you!

Business Workshop

We put your business idea to the test with selected methods. Together we discuss all facets that make up your successful business model.

Your Idea as Extract

Short, crisp and to the point we summarize the results. You receive a coherent and representative concept with which you can approach partners, decision-makers or investors.

Timetable and Support

We develop the next stations individually, which we tackle in close coordination with you. You benefit from our broad network and extensive IT expertise.

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Christian Bredlow

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Telephone Number: +49 (511) 80 90 88 88