We would like to help you and your company to understand digital contexts, to identify digital potentials and to transform them into sustainable business success. With us you can develop your digital DNA: your Digital Mindset, thanks to a program individually matched to your needs. You remain completely independent and still have control over your company.

Digital Judgement

An entrepreneur needs a strong digital judgement and an understanding of all interrelationships relevant for transformation. Only then he is able to make decisions towards his managers and business partners.

Good Role Model

An entrepreneur should understand his role as a leader and designer in all phases of digitization. Only then he will set a good example and steer the process with strategic foresight.

Establish Identity

You need in-house employees who are well trained and qualified to independently manage and advance the process of digital transformation. This creates identity.

Desire For Change

Your employees must be keen on digital change and transformation. This gives you broad support and a full tailwind for the change process.

Our Services

As a base for all our customers we have developed a blueprint consisting of different modules. A short overview of our products is also available here.

The entrepreneur in focus. No IT manager, no sales manager, no marketing manager. Just you and us. Together we develop your digital mindset, eliminate concerns and establish connections.

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How are new technologies changing markets and the world of work? What opportunities arise in other industries from new customer needs? Have you ever had a close look at your own company?

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Our keynotes are aimed at entrepreneurs and managers. Motivating, inspiring and direct, Christian Bredlow exudes the desire of every listener to be a rocket scientist once again.

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Inspiration Journeys

Join us and your management on a trip to Berlin, Los Angeles or Tel Aviv. Discover new forms of work and a lot of inspiration on this organized journey.

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Connected Company

How do you stop the flood of information? How do you promote in-house communication and how can coordination become efficient again? Our holistic solution offers you the appropriate methods.

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Digital Fitness

Make sure you take all your employees into the digital future. Give your employees our proven digital training camp as a present. It includes off-hour webinars and on-site seminars.

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Company Kit

You have a business idea and don't want to take the well-trodden paths of specifications, long meetings and long-standing processes? We will work together to develop your idea further and carry out the digital market test for you - in just 4 weeks!

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Modern System Design

Why is IT always so complicated? Because that's how they sell it to us? Together with you we think of alternative ways and present you with new solutions. Because simply is often simple.

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From our Blog

Happy 4th

Tja, und wieder ist ein Jahr vorbei. Das ist schon wirklich faszinierend. Wir haben eine Menge toller Leute getroffen. Wir haben für sportliche Menschen ein Start-Up gegründet. Wir haben großartige Menschen als neue Kolleg*Innen gewinnen können. Wir haben mit unseren Inspirationsformaten mehr als 20000 Menschen erreicht. Wir haben eine schier unendliche Masse Content erstellt. Und […]

Stellenangebot Studentische Aushilfe (m/w/d)

Content-Recherche hier, Medien-Produktion da. Mal einen Flyer, schnell eine PowerPoint überarbeiten. Website aktualisieren, Blogartikel schreiben, Workshops vorbereiten! Bei uns ist eine Menge zu tun und wir möchten das gerne auf lernwillige Köpfe verteilen, die keinen langweiligen Studi-Job suchen. Darum suchen wir: Studentische Aushilfe(n) (m/w/d) für unser Team in Rethen (direkt an der Stadtbahnlinie 2). Deine […]

DiMi Flashback 05 / 2019

Na, aber hallo. Die letzten 2 Monate nach dem letzten Flashback sind mal eben so mit Vollgas vergangen und es heute vor dem Feiertag mal an der Zeit, auf die letzten 60 Tage zurückzublicken. Aus den Projekten Connected Company – das ist mit großer Sicherheit gerade ein großes Thema im deutschen Mittelstand. Benny, Andreas und […]

Von neuer Arbeit und altem Mindset – Eine Kolumne in der Stadtglanz Y.

Wieso es nichts bringt dem Kind einen neuen Namen zu geben. Die Stadtglanz Y hat in ihrer Ausgabe aus dem März 2019 eine Kolumne von Lotse Christian veröffentlicht. Das übergreifende Thema war New Work. Wieder so ein Wort. „New Work“. Was soll das eigentlich sein? Und wieso muss Arbeit überhaupt neu sein? Und wieso steht […]

Your Guides through the Change

Christian Bredlow

The founder of Digital Mindset inspires entrepreneurs and executives for digitization. He is motivator, enabler and expert in one person and always available for new business models.

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Benjamin Tasche

As a business information scientist and enthusiastic technologist, Benjamin Tasche is always on the cutting edge when it comes to choosing the right tools - from free gimmicks and process optimization to cloud software solutions.

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Lennart Kieselhorst

Innovate, design, accompany. Lennart Kieselhorst is your reliable partner when it comes to developing sustainable business models, promising products and integrated marketing.

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Heiko Dönges

Heiko is our visualization expert. The studied interior designer has an eye for design and a feeling for moving images. From videos to podcasts, from 3D office designs to the first person shooter level of your logistics space - the main thing is digital movement.

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Anna Brandes

Anna Brandes creates and manages the programs around "Digital Fitness". Those who have not had access to social media, eCommerce, data protection & Co. so far will discover new perspectives and points of contact through the webinars and workshops.

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Jens Eckhoff

Jens Eckhoff is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and music producer and at Digital Mindset he is the contact person for musical topics ranging from workshops to keynotes. What does music have to do with digitization? Seriously?

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Oliver Kuhn

Oliver Kuhn's strengths are process optimization and standardization through software. In addition, the business informatics graduate is also active as a business and personnel coach and provides support with organisational questions.

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Uwe Frigge

With more than 30 years of professional experience as a managing director, founder and entrepreneur in dynamic markets, Uwe Frigge bridges the gap between established business models and the digital world.

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Sabine Müller-Waltle

As an expert in graphic recording, Sabine Müller-Waltle not only visualizes great keynotes and workshops. Sabine documents change processes visually with her skills and creates a lasting memory as well as sustainable working material.

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Ute Bredlow

As the financial controller, Ute is the mistress of numbers and, with your support, will ensure that the controllers can fully concentrate on the customers and do not have to worry about analogue paperwork.

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